Here's why we want to shoot your wedding. Pure + simple, and a bit sooky. We just love love.

With a background in fashion + lifestyle photography, we'rem there to capture your day with ease, to help you relax into feeling present whilst we take care of capturing the romance + fun throughout the day with the candid + editorial style that Loveday Weddings is known for. Being able to capture the moment as authentically as possible is at the core of our shooting style, along with ensuring our couples are having fun at every moment during their day.  

Loveday Weddings photos will look just as beautiful on posted on your Instagram as it will on your wall as prints, and will remind you of the honest + happiest moments of your life.

Let's celebrate your love! 



This is Ivy, owner + lead photographer behind the lens of Loveday Weddings.

Ivy started their photography career from at 15, capturing behind scenes videos + photos on film sets and fashion photoshoots. Since returning to Australia a decade ago, they've worked as a fashion & lifestyle photographer for Zimmermann, Disaronno, IMG models and many more. 

After years in the fashion world, Ivy discovered their passion for weddings. And decided to cultivate a team of talented photographers in their own right, to shoot in the editorial + candid style Loveday Weddings is known for. Each is as unique as the couple, and like my team, use experience to expertly capture the joyful and emotive moments shared on your big day!

Each and every image is personally edited by Ivy, who also has a 10 years of experience in professional retouching.

Now, a fun fact about Loveday Weddings. Our business name isn't just a clever pun- it's actually a family name! Ivy's mum's maiden name is Loveday, and it's a name she wanted passed down to have as our middle names!

You can check out Ivy's fashion work at www.ivyerlinger.com

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