Hey there. I'm Ivy, the person behind the lens at Loveday Weddings. Here's why I want to shoot your wedding. Pure & simple. I love love.

And it's the very reason I shoot weddings. 

Now, a fun fact! My business name isn't just a clever pun- it's actually a family name. My mum's maiden name is Loveday, and it's a name she wanted myself and all my sisters to have as our middle names!

I started my photography career from at 15, capturing behind scenes videos + photos on film sets and fashion photoshoots. Since returning to Australia 8 years ago, I've been working as a fashion & lifestyle photographer for Zimmermann, Disaronno, IMG models and many more. 

Like my style with fashion photography, I want to capture the moments that are truly real. My photography style will look just as beautiful on posted on your Instagram as it will on your wall as prints, and will remind you of the honest + happiest moments of your life. 

Let's celebrate your love! 

To see my fashion work, you can check out www.ivyerlinger.com

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